Brad Morton Cloud Tower & Spirit Tower D

Brad Morton’s sculptural work spans over four decades and he while he resides in Alabama, he has shown in Santa Fe for over 20 years.

bronze and steel sculpture Brad Morton


Many of Brad's pieces reference the human figure, while others are more architectonic in nature. Still others are purely explorations of form, scale, relationships of positive and negative space in various materials. Brad has always approached his work with the idea of “truth to the materials”. So, many of the organic, anthropomorphic forms are best suited to be cast in bronze, whereas the larger architectural scaled pieces are better developed through fabrication using stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel (weathering steel), or bronze plate. He has also combined the casting and fabrication methods in many of his works, including “Future Perfect”, "New Southland”, “Cloud Tower”, and “Spirit Tower”. 


Brad has work in public collections throughout the country including: “We the People” in the Arlington Public Art Collection, Arlington, Va, “The Fourth Infantry Division Memorial”, Arlington National Cemetery, “Contemporary Family”, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami, Fl, “Mother and Child”, Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Al, “Three Figures”, Mobile Chamber of Commerce, Mobile, Alabama, to name a few….plus numerous private collections from coast to coast.