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I was on one of my adventures in China when I discovered these amazing dried pods. they reminded me of boats and the fantastic adventures they take you. I gathered as many as I could carry, I figured out a legal way to get them back to the US, then my adventure began. I experienced seeing small fishing boats in piles along lake front. They looked so lost abandoned. After spending much time in thought, I decided to develop a body of boats in their memory. Hence, the Abandoned Fleet came into being. It consist of 12 boats. Each boat rest on a piece of found object object glass. This I rescused from the site of an old dump that had burned in 1948. The glass had fused into amazing forms providing a resting place for my Abandoned Fleet

Abandoned Fleet XI

  • Mixed Media Found Objects

    artist: Patricia Pearce

    size: 5" h x 8 w x 5" d

    medium: Bronze and Glass

    style: Contemporary

    ready to hang


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