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This aerial portrait was inspired by a view of this everyday moment from artist Warren Keating’s hotel balcony in Paris. The artwork depicts a motorcyclist in motion, as evidenced by the blurred lines and the sense of movement conveyed in the expressive painting. Dressed in a bright yellow jacket, suggesting the theme of motion and travel, the motorcycle and rider are rendered with broad, loose brushstrokes, providing a sense of speed and fluidity. The background is minimal, featuring what looks like a dimly lit environment, potentially dawn or dusk, with a lighter, yellowish area that gives the impression of distant lights or the sun's glow on the horizon. This strategic use of color contrast adds to the artwork's dynamic atmosphere, emphasizing the forward propulsion of the motorcyclist. The overall impression is one of movement and fleetingness, as if capturing a brief moment in the rider's journey. With finished edges and sealed with a protective varnish, this figurative oil is ready to hang on your wall. This painting is framed in a gunmetal gray floater frame.

Paris Delivery

  • Contemporary Figurative Painting

    artist: Warren Keating

    size: 25" h x 49" w x 2" d

    medium: oil on stretched canvas,

    style: Contemporary Impressionism

    framed in a gunmetal gray floater frame, ready to hang on your wall


If you are not satisfied, return the artwork within two weeks in its original condition, and the purchase price will be refunded minus a 15% restocking fee. Return shipping, fully insured, is the responsibility of the buyer.  Please review any special conditions for returns in the description of the artwork you are purchasing.

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